Cosumnes is a Miwok word meaning Salmon People. The Cosumnes River supports special status species of wild rainbow trout and Chinook salmon and offers a unique opportunity for people to connect to nature but the Watershed has significant challenges:

• Diversions, impacting water temperature and quality,
• Groundwater overdraft, preventing salmon passage at times,
• Invasive species that prey on salmonids,
• Impacts from gold mining and logging,
• And high density septic systems near the river.

As the last free flowing river on the western slope of the Sierras, the Cosumnes offers unique opportunities for restoration. . The long term goal is to return salmon and steelhead to the river above Latrobe Falls. Folklore and native peoples report the presence of these fish in the past. There is some acceptance of salmon being above the falls. Early work is directed to assessing the true past presence of these salmonids and monitoring the water quality in the watershed. The Cosumnes is one of few remaining undammed river in the state and comprises the North, Middle and South Forks and their tributaries. Stream flow and stream-bank vegetation effect the water temperature as the flow proceeds downstream. In this drought year the river is stressed for water. There are numerous draws of the water that occur along its length. At present the river goes dry during the summer in the lower reaches. Even so, salmon have been observed at the diversion dams in the lower river.

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Our credo is simple: We stand united in the effort to recover wild steelhead.

But what does this really mean? The reality — the in-the-trenches truth to what it means to be one of of the Wild Steelheaders United — isn’t for the faint of heart or the lazy.

Wild steelhead are gone, or nearly gone, from many rivers where they once flourished. And as they have faded away, so have our opportunities to fish for them.
But we don’t believe that is, or should be, the final chapter for steelhead. Far from it. We know what to do and we can fix this.

Success really comes down to the word “united.” If we bring the talents, know-how, and passion we as a community of anglers have to the table, and we are committed not only to maintaining our heritage, but to each other as fellow anglers, then we’ll succeed.

Go to to learn more and "Take the Pledge" if you share these goals.


beaver relocation

The Methow Beaver Project is a collaborative project focused on re-introducing beavers into strategic locations of the Methow Sub-basin for the benefit of wildlife, fisheries, and local water users.

A coalition of partners is implementing this project, including: Pacific Biodiversity Institute, the Methow Conservancy, the US Forest Service (Okanogan National Forest), the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Ecotrust, Washington Audubon, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service Winthrop National Fish Hatchery.

hoh park line reducedThe Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is taking input on proposed rule changes that will impact steelhead and steelhead fishing on the famed Olympic Peninsula. Although prepared for the Hoh River the proposed rules are applicable to many of our rivers in California.

The recommendations on rule changes were compiled by the North Coast Steelhead Advisory Group. The group, comprised of 13 people with deep and diverse knowledge of the fishery (one of which Wild Steelhead United's own John McMillan) was established to gather information about how to best manage the winter steelhead sport fishery.

While not everyone agreed on the approach, they all agreed on the fact that both fisheries need to be improved to rebuild wild steelhead. The North Coast Steelhead Advisory Group's recommendations are an important step forward in that regard. Read the TU Blog to learn some methods we can all apply to protect our local stocks.


CDFW Insignia 146x193 1The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) offer reduced-fee hunting and fishing licenses to both resident and nonresident disabled veterans. CDFW also offers several special hunting opportunities for eligible veterans.

Any honorably discharged, disabled veteran with a 50 percent or greater service-connected disability who wants to fish or hunt in California is eligible.

The 2015 Disabled Veteran Sport Fishing License and Disabled Veteran Hunting License cost only $6.95 each when purchased at CDFW license counters.

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There is a growing acceptance of the beneficial results provided by beavers in restoring wetlands, raising water tables and storing water. The Oregon Field Guide provides a look at the presence of Beavers in Portland and the steps governments are taking to tolerate their activities. The Guide also contains stories on sand castles, dam removal and the Oregon Craters. A 30 minute film provides an informative look at beavers and Oregon. Oregon Field Guide.

Truckee River Trout Unlimited has participated in some great events, celebrated some accomplishments and are excited for future opportunities to conserve, protect, and restore our waters. Among other things, our cleanup efforts on Donner Creek and the Truckee River were effective and we had large volunteer turnouts to help augment spawning gravels for our wild trout. We are celebrating the completion of the Little Truckee River Fish Habitat Improvement Project, a major milestone for our watershed. Additionally, we have some new projects that we are excited to share with you in the near future. John Jewett, Truckee River Chapter President.

John wrote these words as his message in the current Truckee River Chapter Newsletter. The newsletter is artfully done to describe their recent activities on the Little Truckee and elsewhere. It provides insight into the dynamics of a successful chapter and provides some hints of places to fish. Truckee River has been very successful in defining objectives and gathering funding to conduct projects.

Read their newsletter for a full description of their activities.

the smith river 04
A foreign company plans to mine nearly 4,000 acres of public land in southern Oregon that drains into the North Fork Smith Wild & Scenic River in California. If the company is allowed to fully develop its claims, it would mean a toxic legacy of ore pits, mining waste, water diversions, and haul roads in some of the most productive salmon and steelhead habitat in the entire Smith River drainage. In addition to polluting the Smith River, which is renowned for its world-class fisheries and water quality, the mining plan would also destroy tributaries to the Smith River that are eligible for Wild & Scenic protection and ruin the heart of a recommended addition to the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Read the full story and take action to help prevent such mining.

Friends of the River also documents other river campaigns such as gold mining which could use your support.



TU's Women's Initiative was launched in 2011 to address the concern that only 6 percent of all TU members were women, while at the same time women made up 36 percent of all anglers in the U.S.

Since the initiative was started, TU has seen a 25 percent increase in women membership!

The new Women's Initiative Newsletter "On the Rise" is designed to share the best practices and lessons learned by your fellow volunteers in recruiting, retaining and engaging women in TU and in leadership roles.

Join the Movement! Become a Women’s Initiative Chair for Your Chapter or Council! Men are welcome to serve as initiative chairs, too!

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