TeenSummitThe 10th Annual TU Teen Summit happened June 28th thru July 2nd on Georgetown Lake, Montana. This annual leadership event brought together teen leaders from around the country, many of whom have attended one of TU’s state-level fly fishing camps and academies. This year’s Summit included lots brainstorming and planning new ways to involve young people in TU's conservation mission, and all Summiteers became members of TU's Youth Leadership Council, which meets monthly during the school year to continue the work initiated at the Summit.

While in Montana, summiteers built beaver dam analogs with TU project guru Tess Scanlon and went on educational site visits with Casey Hackathorn, Upper Clark Fork Program Manager. They hosted guest speakers, worked on their volleyball skills, and learned the fly and candy shops in P-burg ain’t always cooperative. They also fished as much as possible, with the less experienced fishers in the group leading others to solid connections with native cutthroat. To see who all made it to this year’s event, check out the TU Teen Summit Bio Project page.