caples creek
The TU staff from Truckee performed an initial survey of Caples Creek on July 22,23 and 24. A group of 6 persons traveled from the trailhead on Silver Fork Road to the dam at Caples Lake. This is a 7.5 mile journey on a straight line but is obviously much longer along the creek Their objective was to identify features which may impact the habitat and trout. They documented 6 pools, 118 log jams, 30 potential sediment sites and 7 barriers to fish passage. They took extensive photographs documenting the location and features of each item. I am confident they also made numerous other observations and notes which would define the habitat. Each of these noted items are recorded on Google Earth including images of each. We are looking forward to a presentatiion of results at our November meeting. The image of one of the meadow areas belies the rugged nature of the full length, elevation changes and deadfalls