El Dorado TU's Cosumnes River Monitoring Program continues!

The monitors have done a great job--and have now embarked on the CDFW habitat analysis for each site, with seven sites evaluated so far.  The August upper watershed is looking good, but the Valley area of groundwater overdraft is dry. Let's hope it re-connects in time for the salmon run!

Paul and Marcus ensure dissolved oxygen titration is accurate at E-16


Main stem looking much better than last year

IMG 1377

Bovine Water Quality Challenges at Pi Pi

  Cows PiPi 1 edited 1

Pat admires a pool at nearly 3' in August at Capps Crossing

Capps water depth edited 1

Thanks to our Citizen Scientist monitors for a successful June monitoring event!  It's nice to see conditions with a bit of snow pack behind it:  temperatures were on average 3-4 degrees lower across the watershed then June 2015.  Flows were also stronger:

Flow at North Fork, June 2015:                     7.6 cfs               Flow at North Fork, June 2016:        17 cfs

Flow at Middle Fork, June 2015:                     43 cfs               Flow at Middle Fork, June 2016:      110 cfs (inaccurate due to new swimming dam?  Note the total flow at the mainstem)

Flow at Mainstem, June 2015:                       18 cfs                Flow at Mainstem, June 2016:         62 cfs

Cosumnes Camp Creek 9 15 Small

But the big news for this monitoring event has to be the presence of fish.


Pi Pi April Erik small

El Dorado Trout Unlimited (EDTU) is continuing its Citizen Scientist Monitoring Program for the Cosumnes River in 2016.  We monitor key parameters of the river and take structured observations of habitat and species present.  Information gathered is part of a watershed assessment, in preparation for restoration work.  EDTU is working with partners American River Conservancy, Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays, Fishery Foundation, and Landmark Environmental Consultants to create innovative, win/win solutions that support communities and river health.   And good river health leads to good fishing!

April is "Get Ready Month"!  

As April days unfold, signs of spring are arriving.  Green grass, wildflowers, water quality monitors thinking of their sites by the river...AT EDTU, we're getting ready for monitoring season. 

The El Dorado Board has selected a Monofilament Collection Bin as its first conservation project. The bin would be assembled in large numbers for installation throughout the county. The bins would be placed at convenient stream side locations where fishing traffic would pass. Locations would include boat ramps, trail heads or other fishery gathering spots. Ron Zigelhofer, our president, has assembled a prototype as seen in the images. We will analyze and refine the design and then built units for installation. A project team will be assembled to critique the design, estimate the number of units to be installed, procure materials, build units, gain approval for installation, procure stickers and accomplish installation. Sign-up on the home page if you can contribute to this project.