Our first member meeting of the fall is scheduled to be held on Monday Sep 17, once again at the beautiful Jack Russell Brewery in Camino. We will be starting the evening at around 5pm for everyone to trickle in, grab a cold frothy beverage and mingle while discussing their summers fishing lies and tales. The BBQ will be going and members can help themselves to dogs and burgers on the grill. At around 6pm we will be hosting a casting competition to test your abilities and put your money where your mouth is. We will have a sectioned off area where balloons and hoops will be set up testing your skills in the accuracy of a well placed cast. you will have the option to purchase a number of casts and the top performers will be rewarded with some great gear to make their next fishing trip a dream. After that we will be having some brief discussions with the members to update them with latest projects and accomplishments that we, as a chapter, have had in the last couple months. This will include the latest with the SFAR project, the web site, etc. This will also be a great time to fill up your glasses. The evening will end, as always, with a very lucrative raffle. There will be lots of great items hopefully leaving lots of members with something to use on the water in the near future, but, with Pyramid Lake right around the corner, we will be raffling off a rod/reel combo to assist you in battling our dinosaur sized LCT’s.

Join hundreds of Trout Unlimited members, volunteers and staff at our 2018 Annual Meeting in Redding, California from Sept. 19 - 23. The TU Annual Meeting is a powerful celebration of all we've accomplished together in the past year towards our mission to conserve, protect and restore North America's cold water fisheries and their watersheds. Along with important business to conduct, the Annual Meeting includes many special activities, Details

This is a unique opportunity to have access to the annual meeting in our home state. See how the organization works. Get ideas for your implementation. take advantage of the fishing opportunities.

California Trout has released "Against All Odds" the story of Southern California. Nine months in the making, Mike Wier's latest CalTrout documentary Southern California Steelhead: Against All Odds is available for viewing on CalTrout's website. You'll learn why Southern California's steelhead, which oncenumbered in the tens of thousands, now number in the hundreds. You'll also learn what's being done to save them. Enjoy the stunning video while you learn about this tough, resilient fish. View Here.

Putah Creek Trout reports that Didymo or Rock Snot is currently found in the Bear River, Middle Fork of the American, Lower American, Little Truckee, Prosser Creek and other sierra waters. Didymo can destroy the habitat of the river by suffocating all of the invertebrates and covering the stream bottom. Anglers using these and other streams should take precautions to prevent transfer of this species to other waters. Remember to clean, drain and dry your boats and equipment after using these streams. We see our local waters as being clean but this report should sound an alarm that we are in danger of alien species invasion.

Rob Grasso and Jason Julienne team up to discuss AIS issues at the state and federal level for our local area. Rob is an Eldorado National Forest Fish and Aquatic Biologist, while Jason is an Environmental Scientist and Regional Coordinator for AIS with the California Department of Fish and Game. They will discuss the local risk and threats to our area waters and current monitoring strategies for AIS. They will also share important information for anglers and boaters. Additionaly, Berni Bahro, Chapter Vice President, will update us on TU's National AIS survey results and plans for TU California.

The meeting will be at 7:00 PM in the Forest Service Conference Room at the rear of their building on Briw Road just off Forni Road.