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Teen CampDo you know a young angler and conservationist who would be thrilled to learn and grow their skills over the summer? If so, head to to view the camps offered across the country and spread the word in your chapter communications to members! Most camps accept applicants from out-of-state. Get in touch with the directors of each camp to learn more.

Are there teens involved with your chapter or council who stand out as passionate and active conservationists and leaders? If so, they may be eligible to attend TU's national Teen Summit, a leadership conference for young men and women from across the country.

Applications for TU's national Teen Summit are available now at


Each year, approximately 25 applicants will be invited to the event based on a grading rubric that includes five criteria: 1) interview 2) leadership potential 3) commitment to conservation/involvement with TU 4) love of the sport and 5) references.

This year's location, near Shenandoah National Park in Syria, Virginia, is an idyllic spot to engage and connect these future TU leaders to a healthy ecosystem and robust watersheds being protected by TU. Teens will participate in a host of local conservation activities, meet with local anglers and scientists, and get lots of time to hang out, tie flies, and go fishing! Contact Tara Granke or Franklin Tate for more information.


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