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Mokelumne Steelhead 800x533It’s official; a new record for the number of steelhead returning to the Mokelumne River Fish Hatchery in one season has been set. The hatchery has received 530 adults and 638 juveniles this year to date, a total of 1,168 fish. That compares to 719 adults and 402 juveniles last season, a total of 1,121 fish.

Meanwhile returns at the American River Hatchery are similar to last year.

Surveys by this angler have resulted in few fish at either location. Fishing the Moke with the Amador Fly Fishers on January 26 produced three hookups by about ten anglers in half a day. Near weekly fishing the American at Sailor Bar resulted in one fish caught and two other hookups observed. Fewer anglers were observed than seen on earlier outings. Only one drift boat was operating as opposed to the multiples seen earlier. Visiting the hatchery on February 16 found maybe a dozen fish in the collection pond at the top of the ladder. All of the fish were hatchery fish. Indications were that egg collecting wouldn't continue past March 1.

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