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The Yellowstone Fly Fishing Volunteer Program was conceived in 2002 as a way Yellowstone’s biologists could acquire information about fish populations without having to travel to distant locations throughout the park and sample the populations themselves using electrofishing or other sophisticated gear. As a way to sample fish populations and address fisheries issues park biologists would otherwise not be able to do, the fly fishing volunteers use angling to gather and archive information and biological samples. For more Background

The program has been cancelled for this year due to COVID 19 restrictions. There are just too many factors/headwinds facing the park to be able to commit to make it happen.

Critical housing shortage - Old dilapidated FEMA trailers used to house staff will be removed from use and replaced by modular housing. Until this is completed, housing for hired staffers, let alone volunteers, will be in very, very short supply.
COVID protocols, variants and vaccinations - The last word I received from the park is that even if a single dwelling had three separate bedrooms, only 1 staffer would be allowed because of COVID protocols. Variants - your guess is as good as mine but this ain't over any time soon. The weeks ahead seem to be getting darker than each preceding week(s). Vaccinations - difficult to manage going forward due to slow rate of shots in the arm, age dependency, and the unknown.
Staffing shortages - only essential staffing positions will be filled and priority is given to the Yellowstone Lake lake trout suppression efforts.
Dunraven Pass will remain closed this year for construction, minor but a pain for whoever is driving 4-6 hours in a day to get to the NE corner project site and back.

 The  YNP Volunteer Fly Fishing Program in 2021 is facing headwinds, but I still want to encourage you to plan to visit the park and apply to be a volunteer should the program come to fruition.


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