Trout Unlimited's El Dorado Chapter is managed by it's Board of Directors. The Board in turn plans to perform work by using volunteer members organized into committees. Chapter activities have been implemented by the Board. We have identified Chapter Outreach activity which will require broader participation. Members and non members alike are invited to step forward and volunteer for what can be an activity filled year.

The Board has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the El Dorado National Forest Supervisor committing to mutual cooperation in development of Forest Projects. The intent is to provide early disclosure of plans by the Forest and habitat wants by TU. We, TU El Dorado, are invited to contact the District Rangers and inquire as to the habitat or stream involvement pending in a project. We are able to ask for the locations, streams, habitat and other features of the proposed work. We have been able to view the project sites as part of a field review team and determine what would be critical aspects in our view. The stage would then be set to negotiate requirements and outcomes for the Proposed Action and eventual Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The goal is to identify and resolve requirements early to ease the process through review and approval.

The Forest also has a Legacy Roads project responsible for the oversight, management and restoration of existing roads in the Forest. They have offered to conduct a similar process with the roads and a meeting is planned next week to define and implement action. These legacy projects would relate to erosion and runoff from roads and impacts of stream crossings and culverts. This is the mainstream work we see portrayed in Trout Magazine and promises to extract a significant workload from our chapter.

The Chapter also has activities varying from outreach in member meetings to outreach via personal contacts at shows, fairs and contests.

A Chapter Strategic Plan has been prepared by the Board as a means to define and implement our objectives for the coming years. he plan is reviewed each year to assess progress and refine the coming year actions. Inspection of the plan will identify the need for volunteers, committees and chairs to implement the planned work.

Most people join Trout Unlimited because of their conservation bent. Now is the time to act on that urge and volunteer to participate or lead. Please contact a member of the Board or complete the volunteer request on the Home Page.

Tom Vilsack, the US Secretary of Agriculture, released a column in the Sacramento Bee which identifies the need for revised planning in the Forests and for increased cooperation with the public in the process. These actions by the El Dorado national Forest are directly in-line with this objective and speak to the intent to complete the process.